Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lighting is KEY!

There are so many details and choices that go into planning a wedding...the dress?  Do I change into a cocktail party dress?  Do I want posed shots or candid journalistic shots? Wild flowers or Classic roses?  DJ or Band?  What kind of cake? How big should the bridal party be?  To photo booth or to not photo booth?  One of the most important factors that people seem to never think of and always forget is... lighting.  Lighting is key!  All of my events and weddings have a lighting designer that I work with to create the perfect ambiance and setting for the evening.  Most venues have fluorescent lights that negate any possibility of elegance or sexy ambiance.  There is nothing sexy about fluorescent lights!
My team at The Lighter Side create incredible textures, layers and allure to all my weddings and events.  I love a "pinspot" on each table to highlight the centerpieces, details and brighten the space softly and intimately.  Why spend all the money on centerpieces and details if you aren't going to highlight them!?  So, as you are answering all the either/or questions, add lighting into the mix and I promise you will be thrilled with the results.

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