Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Setting a table starts with the Linen

I love linens.  I have books upon books upon books of linens samples from some of my favorite linen companies: La Tavola LinensResource One LinensWildflower Linens, and Designer Specialty Linens.  When sitting down with my brides and grooms to talk about the look and atmosphere they want to create for their wedding, I include linens as a large contributor to the design and texture of the room.  

Plain whites and creams can be lovely when showcasing an intricate and detailed centerpiece but why not pop a bit of color with your napkin if the budget is tight and a specialty linen is not an option.  Adding the right texture and accent with linens can change the entire look of a room.  Linens range in all kinds of colors, fabrics, shapes, sparkles, sheens, sequins, ruffles, roses, patterns, florals, meshes, and polkadots.
When looking into your linen choices, think boldly and be open and you can stretch how far your reception space can reach in elegance, class and fabulousness.
Happy Linen Looking!

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