Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's All In The Kiss

Ahhh the kiss :)! The sweet, delectable, spine-tingling first kiss as husband and wife. The moment that all your guests have been waiting for and the million dollar money shot that will be framed and placed in your living room for all the world to see. Even though you kiss your guy everyday and don't even think twice about it, once you have a hundred pairs of eyes watching you, it's amazing how anxious this first kiss can make you feel. So here is my advice to all you beautiful brides, practice your first kiss! You're not going to hear your fiance complaining about this part of the wedding!

I just wanted to share some of my couple's beautiful first kiss moments, I dare you to even do the dip kiss like Anya and Josh!

(Photography by Eric Curtis)

(Photography by Mark Kuroda)

(Photography by Ben Hoffman from Two Sparrows) 

(Photo by Amy Williams Photography)

(Photography by Docuvitae)

Seriously, practice the way each of your heads will go, I know this sounds silly but nothing's more silly than a teeth-clashing head-butting, awkward first kiss photo that you know will show up on Facebook.


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